Belarus Universities

Grodno State Medical University

The establishment of the Institute

In the postwar period the social sphere of the Republic of Belarus began to develop actively. In order to improve the health service and to provide medical training and research in western region of Belarus, State Medical Institute in Grodno was established, 250 students were admitted for the academic year 1958/59. This was in accordance with the Decree of the BSSR Council of Ministers №541 from August 9, 1958, by the order of Ministry of Health of the Belorussian SSR №75 from August 14, 1958.

It is difficult to imagine the huge amount of work on the creation of a new institution from scratch for anyone who doesn’t know much about the life of an educational institution. It's a pleasure to kindly remember those who took part in this complex process. Scientists and doctors from Russia, Ukraine, Baltic States, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan helped with the creation of the institute. Logistical assistance and personnel was also provided by Minsk Medical Institute and Vitebsk Medical Institute. Medical staff of Grodno was involved in the implementation of the educational process. Organizational assistance and financial support were provided by the Ministry of Health of the Republic. For instance, in 1963 the Ministry of Health gave thousands of rubles for the purchase of equipment. Local executive authorities and the party leadership of the region had taken a decision on the direction of the personnel, giving the institute buildings, material and technical resources. Initially buildings were located on Kolkhoznaya square, Karl Marx and E.Ozheshko streets. In 1960 the first building for biology classes was built. Later, the institute was given the administrative building under construction on Gorky Street (1974). Currently, the University has 5 academic buildings. Today they have acquired a modern look.

Mission of the University

Training of the specialists in demand with high academic, professional, social and individual competences in the field of general medicine, medical psychology, medical diagnostics, nursing and paediatrics.

Development of the fundamental and applied sciences in the field of population health promotion; development of new technologies and their implementation in experimental, prophylactic and clinical medicine.


Gaining of the status of the leading educational center in the health care system of Grodno region, Republic of Belarus and other world countries by means of training of highly qualified specialists in the field of general medicine, medical psychology, medical diagnostics, nursing and paediatrics and by means of development of the fundamental and applied sciences in medical and social spheres.

The atmosphere of student life

Each generation of medical students had their own active social position, created their own atmosphere of student life. Future doctors performed many good deeds, like the participation in the work of the Komsomol organization, harvesting potatoes, donation, voluntary national teams, construction teams, working as volunteers, science clubs and amateur talent groups. In 1970-80-s University student construction brigade was the best not only in the region, but in the whole country and its members received a considerable number of awards, including government awards. Only positive feedback about our students had been coming from Siberia, Karelia, Moldavia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Labor semesters not only formed the individuality, but also allowed to gain the first professional medical experience. Many of the students during the summer semester worked as physicians in construction teams from other universities. Later on, the first in the country specialized medical teams began to be formed in the institute.

Many future doctors were members of amateur talent groups. The institute was proud of its propaganda team, vocal-instrumental and brass bands, the achievements in various sports. Amateur arts festivals had become a tradition. In 1980 for the first time in Grodno disco club "Panorama" was created in our institute. At the end of the 1990s, the university revived KVN humor show, contests "Miss University", evenings of intellectual games were held. The current generation of students also lives an interesting life. Days of faculties, including student conferences on topical problems of modern life, interesting multimedia presentations, events, devoted to creating and presenting student’s own internet sites, healthy lifestyle activities, sports competitions, concerts are organized every year.