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Gomel State Medical University

The history of the Gomel State Medical University has its origins in 1990, when the Resolution of the BSSR Council of Ministers on 11.14.1990 number 284, and the order of the Byelorussian Minister of Health of 20.11.1990 number 188, in order to ensure the training of doctors and highly qualified specialists for the most affected by the Chernobyl Chernobyl Gomel and Mogilev, Gomel State medical Institute was opened in November 1990.

She headed the Institute of Doctor of Medicine, Professor Bandazhevsky Yury Ivanovich.

The opening of the institute attended by many, including the administration of the city and region: AA Grakhovsky, NG Voitenko, VS Sparrow, LA Shemetkov, AS Shahinian, VV Lazarevic and others whose assistance is invaluable.

Creation of the university was due to the acute need for medical personnel in the Gomel and Mogilev regions affected by the Chernobyl accident, as well as the need to conduct scientific research on the health effects of the Chernobyl disaster and the search for ways of their pr eodoleniya.

In December 1990, the Order of the BSSR Council of Ministers № 557r was the preparatory department for 120 people, for the operation which have been allocated funds from the reserve fund CM BSSR.

An extremely important role in the development of clinical departments belong mainly to doctors of clinical bases: AA Averchenko, LI Druyanu, VI Rozanski, EI Rusakov et al., All the conditions for the organization of the educational process by providing lecture rooms, space for classrooms, space for information stands ...

A great contribution to the development and improvement of teaching methods and research work of the Gomel State Medical Institute at various times made : EK Kapitonov, NN Ostreiko, BK Kuznetsov, VA Ignatenko, TG Glyakova, LA Bondarenko, VF Aleynikov, SI Yupatov, V.N.Bortnovsky, NP Gooden, LK Stasenko, ETC. Barinov, VP Soybeans, NV Tymoshenko, TG Havlin, DV Vvedensky, LN Zhurov, AA Shevjakov, NF Yakushev, AV Lysenkova, II Mistyukevich, EI Sokolovsky, EA Boyarinova, EN Toporkova, FI Kayipov and many others.

Gomel State Medical University - is the science and advanced technology, modern equipment and modern methods of teaching, and most importantly - talented teachers, students and graduates in demand. For best results, the best specialists, which allows the university to hold a leading position in the field of medical education in the field of medical science and health care. The activities of the university is aimed at augmenting the best traditions of the national high school, active integration of the university into the world educational space, the most complete and effective solution of the tasks set by the state in the rapidly changing realities of XXI century.