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Bukovinian State Medical University

The Kyiv Productive Medical Institute (1931-1936) – the 2nd Kyiv State Medical Institute (1936 -1944) – the Chernivtsi State Medical Institute (1944-1997) – the Bukovinian State Medical Academy (1997-2005) - since 2005 –Bukovinian State Medical University- such is a brief history of the foundation and development of the institution of higher education established in 1931 and its transformation into present-day Bukovinian State Medical University (BSMU). Since its foundation up to the present time the educational institution has changed both its name and location, under the influence of various circumstances, but has never changed the status of the institution of higher education and has not interrupted its activities in training highly qualified physicions.

In the spring of 1931 in accordance with the decree of the Council of People's Commissars (CPS) the Productive Medical Institute was established on the base of the Kyiv First Workers’ Hospital which started the training of doctors from doctor’s assistants and nurses without discontinuing work. The director of the newly-created Institute, a Candidate of Medical Sciences, the obstetrician-gynecologist N.H.Okroparydze was appointed. The functions of the Clinical Deparments were performed by the corresponding hospital units according to the profile, and the responsibilities of the Heads of the Departments were entrusted to the heads of these units. The hospital laboratories were simultaneously the laboratories for Theoretical Departments of the Productive Medical Institute.