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Moscow State Medical Stomatological Institute

The history of the Moscow state university of medicine and dentistry (MSUMD) originates in the 19th century, from the I.M. Kovarsky Moscow’s first dental surgery school opened in 1892 and become subsequently the House of the Soviet dental care. The new power was faced by a complex challenge of the organization of the dental surgery and dental care to the population. The main area of activity of MSUMD was and there is a training of the qualified medical specialists. The outstanding scientists who have brought glory to university, medical science, Russia helped to solve this problem throughout all history of higher education institution are: N. A. Semashko, P. G. Dauge, M. B. Yankovsky, A. I. Evdokimov. Thanks to their efforts the dental care became medical discipline.

History of MSUMD is rich with many significant events. For example in February, 1920 in the building of the I.M. Kovarsky dental surgery school were formed nstitutions which were located in various ends of Moscow earlier have been joint. The indicative out-patient clinic, chemical laboratory, dental school have merged in the scientific dental surgery center which has been called the House of the Soviet dental care (HSDC). Tasks of training of instructors of a dental care from among doctors of an old formation, subsidiary personnel of various categories, including technicians-prosthetists, technicians for filling a tooth tooth, tooth sisters were assigned to HSDC. In April, 1922 the House of the Soviet dental care has been renamed into the State institute of a dental care which director was M. B. Yankovsky.

‘Stomatology & odontology’ studying of the nature of caries of teeth and alveolar piorea became the main direction of scientific research of institute. After M. B. Yankovsky’s death in January 1923 A. I. Yevdokimov has been appointed the acting as the director of institute, then he has been approved to this position. Organizational and administrative talent of the honored worker of science of RSFSR, corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, Hero of Socialist work A.I. Yevdokimov promoted development of institute. The State institute of a dental care has been renamed by the resolution of Council of People’s Commissars of RSFSR of April 14, 1927 into the State institute of stomatology and odontology. SISO carried out post-degree specialization of the dentists including persons who have graduated medical faculties, organized the dental help to the population, was engaged in the solution of scientific problems among which were: pathology and therapy of diseases of teeth and oral cavity, surgery of maxillofacial area, dental orthopedics and prosthetic dentistry.

In 1932 SISO has been renamed into State Research Institute of stomatology and odontology, from this point scientific work of institute has become planned. In SRISO offices have been organized: pathophysiological, morphological, surgical, office of a sotsstomatologiya, laboratory on steel prosthetics. In 1933 the Central research dentoprosthetic laboratory for mass production of steel dentures has been organized.

Became in very memorable afternoon on June 9, 1935 when according to the order of National Commissariat of Health Care has been organized by Russia on the basis of SRISO the Moscow Dental Institute – a higher educational institution on training of dentists. Both institutes were located in one building, had one management, financial and material resources. The institute became the only thing in Russia the research and pedagogical center which tasks included scientific development of problems of stomatology, introduction of research results to mass practice and training for dental institutions. Since 1935 in MDI departments of normal human anatomy, biology, the general chemistry, histology and embryology, therapeutic, surgical and orthopedic stomatology were opened.

On September 1, 1939, according to the instruction Council of People’s Commissars RSFSR and the order of National Commissariat of Health Care merging of State Research Institute of stomatology and odontology with the Moscow dental institute has been carried out. The Moscow State dental institute was so educated. Associate professor D. S. Dyshlis became the first director of institute. Same year the first release of 79 dentists has taken place. By the beginning of the Great Patriotic War the Moscow state dental institute represented higher education institution with 25 departments in which research work on studying of caries, periodontosis, damages of a mucous membrane of an oral cavity, maxillofacial traumatology was carried out.

In the first days of War in ranks of Red army and fleet graduates of MMDI of 1941 have been called. In October, 1941 the accelerated release has taken place. Among graduates were: V. I Zausayev, future professor, the head of the department who in the conditions of a field hospital has performed open heart operation; G. M. Ivashchenko sent to field army as the chief stomatologist of army; future professors – A. I. Doynikov, V. F. Rudko. The director of institute, associate professor D. S. Dyshlis has left to the city of Izhevsk for preparation of institute for evacuation.

On the basis of MGSI the maxillofacial hospital on 50 beds has been developed. The staff of policlinic and students of dental faculty worked in this hospital. Thanks to accurately thought over and organized network of specialized medical institutions in field army and in the back it has been completely cured and returned in a system of 85,1% of wounded to the maxillofacial area. On October 1, 1943 MSDI has resumed work on the base in the building of the I.M. Kovarsky former school. On February 14, 1944 A. I. Evdokimov has been approved as the director of MSDI.

After the termination of the Great Patriotic War on the basis of the Resolution of Council of ministers of USSR on October 15, 1949 dental institutes have been reorganized into medical dental institutes with the 5-year term of training. MSID has been reorganized into the Moscow Medical Dental Institute which became the scientific and advisory center for all questions of dentistry.

In 1950 the prominent organizer of the Soviet health care, associate professor G. N. Beletsky becomes the director of Institute. For this period the contingent of students has considerably increased, clinics have extended, construction of new bases has begun, level of training of research and educational personnel has increased, evening and correspondence faculties are open.

From 1964 to 1965 the Institute was headed by professor A. I. Doynikov who managed department of orthopedic stomatology. A. I. Doynikov is the author of textbooks, monographs, has 37 copyright and patent certificates, many of which are introduced in industrial production. For many years he was the Chief stomatologist oof the Ministry of Health.

From 1965 to 1968 the head of the department of surgical diseases, professor S. I. Babichev who was an initiator of opening of medical faculty was the rector of MMDI.

The prominent organizer of health care the rector A.Z. Belousov who was headed Institute from 1968 to 1974 has actively supported the initiative of opening of medical faculty which has taken place in 1968. The faculty trained doctors for Moscow and the Moscow region. It was necessary to create new courses and departments of medical faculty, to pick up the highly skilled list of teachers, to improve work of a teaching department and dean’s office. In 1968 at Institute the faculty of improvement of doctors with 2 offices has been open: dental and doctors of a medical profile. In 1975 the faculty of professional development of teachers has been open.

From 1974 to 1982 the corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, the winner of the State award USSR and awards of Council of ministers of the USSR, professor K. M. Lakin was the rector of Institute. He has created science school on pharmacology problems. On September 1, 1976 the unique clinic-polyclinic dental complex calculated on 2000 visits the day with a hospital on 50 hospital beds has been put into operation. On its squares also profile hospital dental departments were placed.

From 1982 to 2002 the academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, the winner of an award of G. F. Lang and an award of P. K. Anokhin, the head of the department of internal diseases professor E. I. Sokolov was the rector of Institute. During this period the dental base of Institute has extended, new departments of both dental and medical faculty have opened, the release of doctors has increased. In 1986 at Institute the evening department of dental faculty was opened. In 1995 the faculty of post-degree education was created. In 1998 the faculty of secondary medical education which trains experts as “dental technician” was opens. In 1999 the faculty of improvement of dentists, in 2001 – faculty of clinical psychology was open.

From 2002 to 2007 the Institution was headed by the academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, the honored worker of science of the Russian Federation, the winner of an award of the Government of Russian Federation, the head of the department of infectious diseases and epidemiology professor N. D. Yushchuk. Under the leadership of the academician N.D.Yushchuk it was created the system of continuous medical education according to the scheme functions: higher education institution – post-degree education (an internship, specialization, retraining and professional development of doctors). In 2004 the economics department, in 2005 the Moscow regional faculty, in 2006 faculty of penitentiary medicine were opened.

On May 15, 2007 in MGMSU the conference of teachers, employees and students at which the new rector of university – the honored doctor of the Russian Federation, professor O. O. Yanushevich has been elected has taken place.

On May 22, 2007 the academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, the honored worker of science of the Russian Federation, the winner of an award of the Government of Russia, professor N. D. Yushchuk became the president of MGMSU.

In 2012 professor O. O. Yanushevich has been re-elected on a post of the rector of University for the following term.

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